AAA Beginners Guide To Fiberglass and Gelcoat

A Beginner's Guide to
Fibreglass and Gelcoat
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New to fibreglass?  

First - time boat 


If you're new to Fibreglass or a first time boat owner and not sure what you need, Rayplex has put together a Beginner's fiberglass repair kit, and a Beginners gelcoat repair kit. So you don't have to spend hours figuring out what you need. 

Beginners Guide to fiberglass

New to Fibreglass?  Watch this video 


Product Knowledge
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Gelcoat  Waterproof

Basically gelcoat is the smooth colored finish on a boat. There are two type of gelcoat, Brush or Spray.  Brush which is very thick is used for repair or touch up work.
We care a large selection of 3M Compounds and Waxes  along with our low cost Rayplex line 
Check out our How to Buff your boat Video.

Brushes Chip inexpensive

Chip brushes are low cost and through away which save the expense of cleaning and the cost of solvent.
Use for laminating do not use for applying gel coat as bristles and prone to fall out.
Brushes Red are a little stiffer and used for laminating or the application of gel coat.

Fibreglass Tools

Gloves Latex gloves for protecting your hand from the resins and glass.
Mask High Quality 3M masks when only the best will do.
Matt For simple basic repairs we suggest using Matt which conforms to the surface.
Mixing Kit Includes mixing tubs and syringes for measuring Catalyst accurately.
Resin We suggest using our Premium grade #215 Isophthalic resin as its waterproof and safe to use below the water line.
Rollers  Our handy 3 in jr rollers are excellent for the application of resin and getting the air bubbles out of a laminate.
Solvents Acetone for cleaning tools and hands,  Air Dry or Wax solution for making the gelcoat dry tack free.




    If your interested in learning more here is a full list of 
    products and uses.

    Products List


    General Purpose:  very thick - use for repair work -  apply to first layer of mold. 

    Water Proofformulated for spray application - repair or part fabrication.

    Tooling Resin Formulated for refinishing, surface repair application.  Light sand then buff.

    Vinyl Ester: Production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

    2lb Expanding Foam


    Gelcoat Series and their uses:    

    Gelcoats are ISO/NPG Grade Waterproof.
    Can be used below the water line, and also for
     Pool repair & recoating.                 

    300 Brushingvery thick - use for repair work -  apply to first layer of mold. 

    302 Spray & Buff: Formulated for refinishing, surface repair application.  Light sand then buff.

    306 Spraying: Formulated for spray application - repair or part fabrication.

    310 Tooling Brush: Production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

    311 Tooling Spray: Production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

    317 Super BlackBrightest Black Available        See Spraying Gelcoats

    318 Super WhiteMade from a clear base resin See Spraying Gelcoats

    321 Ultra Spray WhiteSprays using  a Preval Sprayer

    322 Color Matched Gelcoat: Color matched to your sample provided.

    323 ClearUsed for metal flake or for marble bath ware.

    325 Tinted GelcoatsAre pre-tinted from over 300 stock colors.

    372 Patching Gelcoat:  Gelcoat that applied like body fill.  See Brushing Gelcoats

    Specialty Items 

    550  Honey Wax:  Mould release wax.

    554  PVA:  Spray on Release agent.  Washes off with water.

    620  Wax Solution

    630  Styrene

    636  High Gloss Additive

    We offer coloured gel coats to RAL colour numbers.

    All our Gelcoats are UNWAXED 

    Fabric List

    Fiberglass Fabrics

    163  10 oz plain weave cloth 50 in wide

    164  10 oz plain weave cloth 60 in wide

    391  1 in Fiberglass sleeve

    392  2 in Fiberglass sleeve

    166  6 oz plain weave cloth tape  1,2,3,4,6,8 width 10 & 50 yard roll

    167  9 oz plain weave cloth tape  2,3,4,6,8 width 10 & 50 yard roll

    151  18 oz woven roving.  50 in wide

    116  12oz + .75 DBL Bias Knitted 50" Width Stitch Matt

    118  (1708)18oz + .75 DBL Bias Knitted 50" Width Stitch Matt

    111  18 oz Bi-axial (0°/90°) 50 in wide

    Need to check sizes on Stitch matt sizes.

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    141  Carbon fiber Tape 1,2,3,4 wide 3 yd, 10 & 50  yd rolls

    140  3K, Carbon Fiber Plain Weave 6 oz 50 IN Wide 1, 3 6 10yd & 100yd  roll

    141  3k Carbon Fibre Twill 50" wide 6 oz 50 in wide  1,3,6,10yd & 100yd roll

    391, 392, 393, 394, 395    Carbon fiber sleeve

    191  Kevlar 5 oz Tape 10 & 50 yd rolls width 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 ,6,

    192  5oz Kevlar Felt 63" Roll 3 & 4 in wide length

    190  6 oz 58" width Kevlar fabric

    391  Kevlar Tubular Sleeve  1 & 2 in 

    332  Kevlar Repair kit and Skid Plate Kit


    Fiberglass Tools & Accessories

    Aluminum Rollers   for getting the air out of a laminate

    Bristle Rollers   Used for deairing laminates that are curving or uneven.

    Mix and Measure Kits 

    Paper Tubs

    Graduated Measuring Tubs Plastic

    Mixing Sticks wood  6 & 12 in  

    Latex Gloves  

    Starter Kits   

    Paint Brushes Wood and Plastic Handel  

    Preval Sprayers 

    Spray Guns for Gelcoat 

    Balsa Wood core material 

     Shipping Chemicals and  Wide Fabric Make it impossible to Calculate Shipping Costs in Advance.
    Your trust is important so we only charge what shipping cost us.
    Disclaimer: The information contained herein and provided by RAYPLEX LTD is considered accurate.
    However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the data, the results to be obtained
    by the use thereof, or that any such use will not infringe any patent. Before using, user shall determine
    the suitability of the product for the intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever
    in connection therewith.




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