The reality of global warming is real.  No, I don't want you to send money.  Below are some simple ideas to stop the engery waste.

These ideas may seem overly simplistic but when you multiply it by every there are huge enterprises just wasting energy for some marketing 


Stop Signs

Garbage pickup.

Plastic Gas Cans

Drive throughs. coffee or burger




To stop global warming were all going to have to change our lifestyle.  Global warming is driven by the need for a better economic lifestyle.  Do we need two trips south each year.  Treating airline travel is a norm rather than without regard to the effects of carbon emission.


Here are 10 energy-saving ideas.

1. Reduce the number of traffic  STOP signs.  Politicians are using stop signs for speed control.  Yet each time a car stop and starts it uses

about 23ml of gasoline. (about 1 oz)

2.  Get rid of plastic Gasoline cans switch to metal.  Every plastic can looses over 25% of its contents through a process of osmosis in a year.

3.  Quite using drive-throughs as cars use a lot of energy idling.

Not only do you waste gas when you idle, but you also hurt the environment. For every 10 minutes of idling, one pound of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

In fact, one of the most powerful arguments in favour of reduced idling is an economic one. For the average vehicle with a 3-litre engine, every 10 minutes of idling costs 300 millilitres (over 1 cup) in wasted fuel – and one-half of a litre (over 2 cups) if your vehicle has a 5-litre engine. Unnecessary idling wastes fuel – and wasted fuel is wasted money.

The estimated fuel consumption of an idling engine is 0.6 litres/hr per litre of engine displacement. This means that an idling 3.5-litre engine consumes more than 2 litres of gas per hour. Letting your engine idle 30 minutes a day for two winter months burns a full tank of gas without ever moving a kilometre!


4. Stop purchasing water in plastic water bottles.  We need to go back to glass bottles that are returned to the store 


5. 16in Long receipts. Complain to a company that at checkout gives you a 16in receipt for 12 items.  Wasted effort for marketing.

Go to a Shell gas station and purchase gas.  The receipt you get is at least 16 inches.  Is that really necessary or just an ill-thought idea from the marketing dept to get your email address.  Making themselves look important.

6.  Take back the excess packaging to stores and leave it in the shopping cart. These retailers are using the manufacture to the bulk package to save on labour stocking costs the shelves.

7.  Place your garbage or recycling bins together with the neighbours.  Each time the 22,000 lb garbage truck starts and stops it uses 74 ml of diesel fuel. In a year that would save 4 lts or fuel for every household on the street. 

The Garbage truck stops at every house.  Each -stop pickup start of the truck requires about 74ml of diesel fuel.

If two households polled the garbage in one joint location this would save 4 litres of diesel a year.


8. Air conditioners and swimming pools go together.  We need companies like TRANE to offer kits so the AC excess heat gets transferred into the swimming pool. Which will save on heating costs.  Not to mention the AC units will work about 23% more efficient.

9. Appliance manufacturers need to reengineer Cloth dryers.  Drying clothes in the winter should have the heat pumped back into the house in a controlled fashion.  

10.  Trucks and heavy personal vehicles need to be banded for consumer or personal use.  Yes its neet but how much extra gas is used by a truck versus a compact car.  In a year you are using hundreds of its of fuel.   For what benefit?

Heavier vehicles use more fuel than lighter ones.



 The reason for wild fires and massive rainstorms and hurricanes  is the rise in air temperature and the associated increase in water content in the air.

Let me explain first about wildfires.

 As air get warmer it can hold more moisture.  If the air is dry to start with and is further heated it sucks up moisture.  The source  can be from the ground, streams, rivers and vegetation.  Dry air is like an enormous hungry sponge sucking moisture from whatever source it can find.


    In the not-so-distant future, each person may be rationed or allotted to use so many B T U's of energy per day or per year.

     The need for a better economy is the driving force of global warming.

    Bottom Line The Governments are the biggest promoters of global warming. Why its tax revenue. Were lead to believe that some distant factory out there is the major polluter and the cause. So if a tax is applied that will make the problem better.

     Either we change our ways or mother nature will change us.  Yes, the economy is going to see certain portions of it reduced.  Or a wildfire or flood will ripe through and destroy your house.


    If you have any ideas please email them to



     About the author.

     Ray has spent his life studying the sciences and engineering.  Who can forget MR WIZARD when tv was black and white.
    On the subject of weather I hold a commercial instrument pilots licenses with about 2000 hrs.  I used to teach weather
    in ground school for the local flying club.
    For a number of years I did energy analysis for the automotive industry.  One major job was for General Motors in the local battery plant. There was 20-  30hp fans.  Through improved air flow and changing pulleys.  GM reduced its power bill by over $100.000 a year.  
    This was later independently verified.

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