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Customer just purchased.                  Customer also needed
                                                       6 yds 6 oz 60” cloth
   1 Gal 105 Resin                             1 yd of matt
   1 Qt  206 Hardener                        mixing containers
   1 Set of Pumps                              Acetone
                                                       3 pk of Masks
                                                       Mixing Sticks
                                                       1 Qt Starter Kit

This program is about the customer, So look at saturday morning and the person needs some gelcoat or resin and fiberglass.  Yes there's that giant Amazon or your marine distributor.  That will have the product there by mid week.  Customers will pay a premium to have the product NOW.  Your stores stocking reputation will attract new customers because you have product in stock now.  


Tell marinas and boaters you have a complete line of fiberglass materials as well as related items and tools.


We're excited to introduce the Rayplex  LTD, New Dealer Program designed to create mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses. By joining this program, dealers can expect a better profitability and excellent support, with a competitive edge as well as uptodate market  trends.

Program information

Rayplex supplies over 1800  products this results-oriented program focuses on the current and upcoming application issues, trends and technologies for boat owners and repair professionals who use fiberglass materials.   

Video Library  Our YouTube channel has over 30 videos covering an array of fiberglass applications. Check out the TECH TIPS  for in-depth articles.

Products  See the list of products and application below.
Fiberglass Tools

Program Highlights

  1. Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy up to 00% off on selected Rayplex products.
  2. Priority Shipping: Benefit from expedited delivery services.
  3. Marketing Support: Access to co-branded marketing materials and online campaigns. Rayplex has over 30 YouTube videos with more coming.  We do the heavy lifting of explaining.
  4. Technical Training: Comprehensive product training to boost your team’s expertise.
  5. Dedicated Account Manager: Personalized service to help you reach your sales targets.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A valid GST or  business license
  • Established business location with showroom or store.
  • Minimum initial order of $0,000
  • Completed Dealer Application Form 

Dealer Application

Just drop us a line at

  1. Application: Fill out the Dealer Application Form.
  2. Pictures detailing the outside of store front and inside of the showroom, approximate retail sq ft area.
  3. Review: Our team will review the application within 5 business days.
  4. Training: Attend a virtual joining and set up session.
  5. Order: Place your first qualifying order.
  6. Activation: Your dealer status will be activated upon receipt of the first order.

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum order quantity per month to maintain dealer status.
  • First order paid for upfront unless credit terms are pre-established.
  • Dealers must adhere to Rayplex’s brand guidelines.

Contact Information

For more details, reach out to our Dealer Program Coordinator at 

or call us at (905) 579-1433.

Rayplex is now offering dealerships to  Marine Stores, Chanderlies and Composite Stores.


Products Available


201General Purpose:  very thick - use for repair work -  apply to first layer of mold. 

215 Spraying:formulated for spray application - repair or part fabrication.

216 Tooling Resin:  formulated for refinishing, surface repair application.  Light sand then buff.

217 Vinyl Ester  production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

311 Tooling Spray:  production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

500 2lb Expanding Foam


Gelcoat Series and their uses:    

Gelcoats are ISO/NPG Grade Waterproof.
Can be used below the water line, and also for "
 Pool repair & recoating.                 

300 Brushing:  very thick - use for repair work -  apply to first layer of mold. 

306 Spraying:formulated for spray application - repair or part fabrication.

302 Spray& Buff:  formulated for refinishing, surface repair application.  Light sand then buff.

310 Tooling Brush  production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

311 Tooling Spray:  production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

317 Super Black   Brightest Black Available        See Spraying Gelcoats

318  Super White  Made from a clear base resin See Spraying Gelcoats

321  Ultra Spray White.  Sprays using  a Preval Sprayer

323 Clear:  used for metal flake or for marble bath ware.

325 Tinted Gelcoats:are pre-tinted from over 300 stock colors.

322 Color Matched Gelcoat:  color matched to your sample provided.

372 Patching Gelcoat.  Gelcoat that applied like body fill.  See Brushing Gelcoats

Specialty Items 

554  PVA  Spray on Release agent.  Washes off with water.

550  Honey Wax   Mould release wax.

620  Wax Solution

630  Styrene

636  High Gloss Additive

We offer coloured gel coats to RAL colour numbers.

All our Gelcoats are UNWAXED 

Fabric List

Fiberglass Fabrics

163 10 oz plain weave cloth 50 in wide

164 10 oz plain weave cloth 60 in wide

391  1 in Fiberglass sleeve

392  2 in Fiberglass sleeve

166 6 oz plain weave cloth tape  1,2,3,4,6,8 width 10 & 50 yard roll

167 9 oz plain weave cloth tape  2,3,4,6,8 width 10 & 50 yard roll

151  18 oz woven roving.  50 in wide

116  12oz + .75 DBL Bias Knitted 50" Width Stitch Matt

118  (1708)18oz + .75 DBL Bias Knitted 50" Width Stitch Matt

111  18 oz Bi-axial (0°/90°) 50 in wide

Need to check sizes on Stitch matt sizes.

Carbon Fiber Fabric

141 Carbon fiber Tape 1,2,3,4 wide 3 yd, 10 & 50  yd rolls

140  3K, Carbon Fiber Plain Weave 6 oz 50 IN Wide 1, 3 6 10yd & 100yd  roll

141  3k Carbon Fibre Twill 50" wide 6 oz 50 in wide  1,3,6,10yd & 100yd roll

391  392 ,393 , 394 ,395  Carbon fiber sleeve

191 Kevlar 5 oz Tape 10 & 50 yd rolls width 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 ,6,

192  5oz Kevlar Felt 63" Roll 3 & 4 in wide length

190 6 oz 58" width Kevlar fabric

391  Kevlar Tubular Sleeve  1 & 2 in 

332  Kevlar Repair kit and Skid Plate Kit


Fiberglass Tools & Accessories

Aluminum Rollers   for getting the air out of a laminate  

Bristle Rollers   Used for deairing laminates that are curving or uneven.  

Mix and Measure Kits 

Paper Tubs

Graduated Measuring Tubs  Plastic

Mixing Sticks wood  6 & 12 in  

Latex Gloves  

Starter Kits   

Paint Brushes  Wood and Plastic Handel  

Preval Sprayers 

Spray Guns  for Gelcoat 

Balsa Wood   core material 


    Products   Application

    Resin Types:

    Polyester General Purpose

    RAYPLEX® #201 Fiberglass Resin is the same high-strength polyester resin that is used to build most boats. Can be used alone or with fiberglass tape, cloth or mat to repair damaged fiberglass boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, bathtubs,  showers, sinks and hot tubs.     


    RAYPLEX® #215 Fiberglass Isophathalic Resin is 100% waterproof and designed specifically to be used        below the water line in marine applications. It can also be used for interior and exterior home repairs including            tubs, showers, sinks, pools, hot tubs, and more. If additional structural strength is needed for more severe    repairs like larger holes, cracks or damaged surfaces, the use of additional layers of RAYPLEX®Fiberglass Cloth or Mat is recommended. The product cures in 2 hours, resulting in a non-shrinking and durable repair. Can be used on multiple  surfaces including concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal and more, and works as a waterproof sealer.


    Vinyl Ester

     RAYPLEX® #217 Vinyl Ester Resin ( promoted )offers increased strength, corrosion resistance   and durability and are used in a wide variety of applications. While vinyl ester resins are classified as polyester-based             formulations, they are actually an intermediate between a polyester backbone and epoxy terminations on the ends of the molecules. They are based on either bis phenol-A or novolac chemistry with methacrylic acid forming the         polymer.

    It is compatible with all gel coats and requires RAYPLEX® Liquid Hardener (MEKP). 

    **Once ordered...due to a shorter shelf life this requires a few extra days to prepare



    Rayplex Gelcoats are ISO/NPG Grade and are Waterproof. Which means they can be used below the waterline.

    * Gelcoat types Available and Uses:

                Brushing- Used to repair chips, deep scratches, dock dings, pinholes and gouges in fiberglass  

                Spraying- Formulated for application using gelcoat spray guns 

                Spray & Buff- Formulated for refinishing, surface repair application. Light sand then buff.

                Patching Gelcoat-Gelcoat that applied like body fill.

                Tinted Gelcoat- Can be ordered in Brush or Spray formulation, are pre-tinted from over 300 stock colours.
                **Use RAL chart to Colour


    Gelcoat Repair Kits *

     Our Gelcoat repair kits are available in various colours and kit sizes of 250 ML, 1 Lt, 3.78Lt, plus they include everything you need to tackle any minor gelcoat repair. Not sure on colour...then try our regular Colour Match Kits located on our previous page. Deluxe kits include sandpaper and course and fine buffing compound.

      White Blue  Black  Clear Red


    Gelcoat Polishing Kit

    Available in 30 and 120 ML sizes. Includes sandpaper, course and fine buffing compound & high Gloss Additives

    **This additive is designed to significantly improve the working properties, appearance and longevity of traditional gelcoat spray patches.


    Our colour pigments are pastes for tinting polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins. Available in 30 125 250 and 1 Lt sizes.

    Fiberglass Repair Kits  Small and Large

    Contains the resin and fabric plus rollers, brushes, mixing containers, Gloves.

     See web site for complete contents of kit.


    Kevlar Repair Kits- Complete kits for repairing kevlar canoes.

    Skid Plate Kit- for canoe fronts.



    Matting- Fiberglass Matting is the most common everyday kind of reinforcement            

    Woven Roving- Woven Roving is made from continuous glass fiber roving which are interlaced into heavy weight fabrics.   

    Cloth & Cloth Tape- All of our fiberglass cloths are compatible for use with our polyester resins, epoxy resins or vinyl ester resin. 

    Specialty Fabrics- 1708, Double Bias, Stitich Matt, Kevlar, Carbon fibre



                Spray Guns

                FRP Rollers in Aluminum and plastic



    Chemicals & Solvents

                Airdry or Wax Solution- Add 5% Wax Solution/Air Dry to the unwaxed polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, or gel coat to make it non-tacky when dry. It contains paraffin wax suspended in styrene solvent. The wax rises to the surface as the material cures and seals the surface from oxygen.

                Acetone- Acetone is popular solvent  used to remove fiberglass or epoxy resin from tools, spray guns and equipment also removes wax from gelcoat surfaces.

                Styrene- Styrene is the recommended and accepted thinner for polyester resins and gelcoats. Most gelcoats can be thinned 2-5% to make them suitable for ordinary spray equipment or other special purposes.

                PVA- Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is often utilized as a mold release agent in industries such as plastics, rubber, and composites. PVA should be used to aid in the release of parts from a mold


             Waxes- Compounded with the purest grade carnauba wax, plus special binders and             spreading agents, Honey Wax has been the leading choice in mould release             agents for decades.



                Fiberours Putty- Fiberous putty is used to bond or repair for maximum strength.

                Fairing Putty- Fairing Putty is a lightweight two-component polyester putty that can be used for fairing, filling, shaping, and repair.

                Expanding Foam- Expanding Urethane Foam is a two-component, urethane foam system available in 4 separate density formulations by weight per cubic foot.



             Cabosil- A white, free-flowing powder, Cabosil is a thickening agent primarily added to thicken resin.

             Milled Fibers- Primary use is as a reinforcement in composites to increase mechanical properties.

                (impact,tensile, compressive and flexural), improve dimensional stability and minimize evated temperatures.

             Copped Strand- Used to increase tensile and compressive properties of any resin, even concrete.

             Talc- Talc is the major component of any body filler. It is a sandable filler added for fairing and smoothing the finish of fiberglass lamination.

             Glass Bubbles- Lightweight hollow glass spheres used as an extender and thickener for resins. Fine detail reproduction when used in casting. Strong, will hold fasteners when used to fill holes.

    More information about any of these products is available at our Website


    If you perfer  give us a call.  905 579 1433






     Shipping Chemicals and  Wide Fabric Make it impossible to Calculate Shipping Costs in Advance.
    Your trust is important so we only charge what shipping cost us.
    Disclaimer: The information contained herein and provided by RAYPLEX LTD is considered accurate.
    However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of the data, the results to be obtained
    by the use thereof, or that any such use will not infringe any patent. Before using, user shall determine
    the suitability of the product for the intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever
    in connection therewith.




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