Rayplex now offer project kits for the larger do it your self projects:


Boat Rebuilding

Rebuilding a boat with new strings transom and floor.

Everything you need to install new stringers, transom and floor in a 17ft boat.

Kit contains:

 1 pail 20 lt of #201 resin includes catalyst

16 yds of 1.5 oz matting 50 in wide

3 yds of 18 oz roving 50 in wide.

3.78 lt fibrous putty  c/w catalyst

2 sheet 50 or 36 grit sandpaper

2 #36 grit 4 1/2 in

1 XLL Tyvek coveralls suit c/w hood

2 masks

1 4 lt acetone for Cleanup

6 2" chip brushes

4 3"   chip brushes

6 3" JR rollers.


Large Gelcoat Repair Kits
Minor Gel coat repairs are easy to do allowing you to achieve professional results the first time.

Large Gelcoat Repair Kit

Kit contains: 

  • 3.78L Gelcoat
  • Catalyst (hardener)
  • 6 tubes of pigment
  • 2 Pair Latex Gloves
  • 2 Mixing sticks
  • 2 Paper mixing cups
  • 1 sheet Mylar
  • Colour Chart
  • A complete instruction guide to take you through the process
  • 4 grades of sandpaper
  • A course & fine buffing compound.

Features are:

  • Can be used for repairs above and below the waterline
  • 4 Pigments included in kit but various colours available
  • Can be used to repair fibreglass such as hot tubs, shower stalls, boats and recreational vehicles.
  • 6lbs / 2.72kg


Matching Tips

Over the years we have found that most off-white colours start with a base of OXIDE and then have a slight amount of yellow or brown or black added. That covers about 740 different shades of off white.

As gelcoat gets older it fades.  Its not unusual to find a 10 year old boat that has faded to 5 different colours. (RE: deck, transom, interior, port side, and starboard side.)  Different amount of sunlight caused the fading to happen.




Custom Kits (private label)

We can also custom-make kits for automotive wholesalers or Marine distributors with your corporate Brand name.

     Shipping Chemicals and  Wide Fabric Make it impossible to Calculate Shipping Costs in Advance.
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