Rayplex Gelcoats are used extensively for repair work and fabrication and come in different viscosity and types.  All Rayplex Gel Coats are wax-free. It's base is Premium Isophthalic NPG polyester Gelcoat and 100% waterproof, which can be used for repairs below and above the waterline. 

It has a non-sag formulation with resiliency and toughness. Will sand and buff to factory new shine.

Not sure which Gelcoat to use? See our application chart below.  


All Gelcoats and Resins require Catalyst Sold Separately.

Application Chart


Used For



Fabrication Work

  • First coat of a composite part
  • Apply by brush as its too thick to spray.

 Repair Work

  • Boat Repairs
  • RV Repairs
  • Snowmobile Repairs
  • Pool & Hot Tub Repairs
  • Shower & Tub Repairs

Available Colors/Grades  White, Black, Neutral, Clear and Tooling 

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Fabrication Work

  • Spray Gelcoat is generally applied with spray guns.
  • Application to a mould followed by a fibreglass laminate
  • Same uses as Brushing but thinner and formulated for spray guns.

 Repair Work

  • Spray & Buff is more suited to large area repairs or refinishing.
  • Rayplex High Gloss Additive is added to improve shine and reduce orange peel.
  • Less sanding is required.
  • Available Colors/Grades White, Black, Neutral, Clear and Tooling

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Spray & Buff

Repair and Refinishing Work 

  • Can be sprayed through Prevail Sprayers or regular automotive spray guns.
  • Almost no orange peel.
  • After curing requires very light sand and then buffing
  • Used for blending in a surface repair

Available Colors/Grades  White, Black, Neutral, Clear 

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Tooling masters and molds
Extending life of polyester mold

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UV light stability
Crack and chemical resistance
Metal flake finishes
Protective coating

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Repair Kit

Minor Gelcoat repairs

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Part # Product Use  
  Sanding Gelcoat    
  Flexible Gelcoat    
  Vinyl Ester Gelcoat    
  Ornathalic Gelcoat    
  Armour Coat Clear Gelcoat    
  Unfilled Gelcoat    
  Epoxy Gelcoat    
  Patch Aid    
  Low VOC Gelcoat    
  Food & Drug Approved Gelcoat    

The above Gelcoats are available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and drum sizes. Gelcoat can be colour matched at customer request.

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