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Due to changing market pricing  certain types of gelcoat are cheaper now

Gelcoats are ISO/NPG Grade Waterproof. 
Can be used below the water line, and also for "
Swimming Pool repair & recoating.

Series and their uses:                                  

300 Brushing:  very thick - use for repair work -  apply to first layer of mold. 

306 Spraying:formulated for spray application - repair or part fabrication.

302 Spray& Buff:  formulated for refinishing, surface repair application.  Light sand then buff.

310 Tooling Brush  production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

311 Tooling Spray:  production molds along with 216 Tooling resin.

317 Super Black   Brightest Black Available        See Spraying Gelcoats

318  Super White  Made from a clear base resin See Spraying Gelcoats

321  Ultra Spray White.  Sprays using  a Preval Sprayer

323 Clear:  used for metal flake or for marble bath ware.

325 Tinted Gelcoats:are pre-tinted from over 300 stock colors.

322 Color Matched Gelcoat:  color matched to your sample provided.

372 Patching Gelcoat.  Gelcoat that applied like body fill.  See Brushing Gelcoats

All our Gelcoats are UNWAXED 

Rayplex Recommended



  • Use to re-coat the faded surface of a fiberglass swimming pool.
  • Use to paint the inside of a concrete bird bath.
  • Repair surface cracking on in ground fiberglass pool.
  • This gelcoat sands easily and buffs out for a perfect finish.
  • Topcoat finish on a fibreglass tub repair.  
  • Coat live well fish boxes.


Use for doing a repair (boat, snow mobile, RV, swimming pool, shower, tub, sink, etc) or making a mold.
Our gelcoats are NPG Isophthalic grade and are "UNWAXED".
What Does Unwaxed Mean
Unwaxed Gelcoat can have multiple applications without the need for sanding between coats.  As a result the surface with always be a little tacky and will clog sandpaper when first sanded.  The sticky surface can be removed by wiping with Rayplex Acetone.For repair work Rayplex suggest you add Wax Solution to the last layer for a non sticky surface.


Working Time


Use Rayplex Pigments to tint or adjust the colour if required.
Rayplex Gelcoat can be coloured prior to adding catalyst. Adding colour to a Neutral gel coat produces bold or primary  dark colours; adding colour pigments  to a white gel coat creates lighter, pastel colours


Saftey or Warnings


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