Kevlar Repair KIT

Features are: 

  • High-quality resin which is designed to give a strong, long lasting, durable repair
  • Can restore project to its original condition
  • Enough repair material for three fractures or punctures up to 8 in. long
  • The kit contains 125ml Epoxy Resin kit, 3 Kevlar bandage patches, 2" x 8" Glass Cloth strips (for exterior repair), 1" Brushes (2), 2 Spreaders, 2 Pairs of Latex Gloves, 2 Mixing sticks, 2 Paper mixing cups, Rough Sandpaper, and an Instruction sheet.
  • 1lbs / .45kg

KEVLAR is a great choice for creating tough, impact-resistant parts. Keep in mind, it can be equally tough to work with when it comes to cutting, sanding, or machining.



Canada $12.95

USA $16.95

International Quoted at Request 

Kevlar Repair KIT | No reviews for this product.


| No reviews for this product.