Endura Clear 100

Is designed to give extra protection as a spray over solid, metallic, and pearl colors.

STEP 1: Coverage Estimating Guide (spraying)                    

                        1 Qt Kit = 1 Pint Paint + 1 Pint Part "B"  Coverage = 80 sq ft

                        2 QT Kit =  1 QT Paint + 1 QT Part "B" Coverage = 160 sq ft

                        2 Gal Kit = 1 Gal Paint + 1 Gal Part "B"  Coverage = 540 sq ft

                        Subtract 20% for Brushing

STEP 2: Select Kit Size 

STEP 3: Select your color


Endura EX-2C Clear 100 KIT

A clear coating designed to give extra protection as a spray over to solid, metallic, and pearl colors.


Sizes available: 500ml, 1L, 3.78L, 20L Pail Kits

Color #
Sizes 125 ML, 250 ML, 500ML, 1LT, 3.78LT, 20LT


Metalflake Glowbe and Metalflake Micro 1 can be used with Endura Paint to produce a dazzling three dimensional metallic finish. Other color options are also available; with 4 color charts (see below), you have more then 40,000 colors to choose from. 

Metalflake Glowble                      Metalflake Micro 1      



You might also need:

 Thinners        For brushing add thinner for Tip and Brush Application

 Solvents     For Spraying add Gun Wash for cleaning the Spray Gun

 Applicators   Brushes and Rollers for Painting


Additional Product Information:

         Tip and Brush Application Guide

         Quickstart Application Guide

          EX-2C Mixing Chart

          EX-2C Technical Data Sheet 

          MSDS component A* (Basic Colors)

          MSDS component B

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