Always wear eye protection when mixing resin and catalyst. Catalyst can cause blindness! -even after it is mixed with the resin.
2. Resin should be in15C (60F) 32C (75F)   temperature range when mixed - do not leave it in the hot sun or cold areas prior to use.
3. Refer to the resin container or to the more detailed chart below to determine how much catalyst is required for the batch size you wish to catalyze.
4. Air temperature and resin temperature greatly influence resin pot life, gel time and cure time. Make adjustments to air temperature as noted on the resin container.
5. Pour the desired amount of resin into the mixing bucket. Select the catalyst-measuring unit of your choice -(drops per oz., -cc/ MI, -fl. oz., teaspoons, or tablespoons).
6. Drops (for small batches only) may be dispensed directly into resin. One oz. Calibrated plastic measuring cups are very handy for measuring the other units of measure. Pour the catalyst into the center of the resin mass.
7. Stir the resin thoroughly with a clean mixing stick, but avoid whipping air into the resin. Scrape the sides of the container to assure a complete mix.  Mix from the bottom up.
8. Catalyzed resin in a mix bucket will always gel quicker than the same resin spread out in a coating or lamination. The larger the batch is, the faster it will gel in the mix bucket. Never return catalyzed resin to the original container.
Some good advice! Since a number of variables can affect resin pot life, it is always a good idea to pre-test the gel time. Catalyze a small quantity of resin (2-4 oz.) and apply 25% of it on a piece of scrap material. Check the gel time of the portion in the cup and in a spread out portion. This will provide you with a good approximation of how much working time you will have when you apply the first batch of resin to your project. Expect a somewhat shorter pot life with the larger batch. When making gel time adjustments never use less than 1/2% or more than 2% catalyst. Do not attempt to apply resins at temperatures below 10C (50F) or above 32C (90F).
Rayplex  Catalyst
 MEK 50%
 Size                 Stock #
  28 ML              37503
 56 ML              37505
250 ML             37510
   8 Lb               37536
 MEK 30%
   7 LB               37636


Rayplex Catalyst Dispensers
 Dispenser Size                Stock #
 16ozX35CC                   mek03516
16ozX100CC                  mek10016
32ozX100CC                  mek10032
 Syringe Size                  Stock #
  5 CC                            1509603
 20 CC                           1509661
 60 CC                             1509663


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