Fibredeck Specifications

Product specification


Reference: Fibredeck Flat Roof Coating System Waterproof. 

Product/Material Composition

Polyester Resin

CSM Chopped Strand Matt 1.5 Oz /sq ft  450 Grams/ SQ CM

18 oz Roving

Polyester Isophathalic Gelcoat 

Mechanical/Physical Characteristics

Polyester Resin is a liquid which cures by the addiction of MEK Catalyst.

UN#  1866

Fiberdeck unsaturated polyester grade resin is a high quality pre–accelerated, thixotropic, medium viscosity, resin, primarily developed for use In hand lay


Chopped Strand Matt

UN# 0000

M1-A Chopped Strand Mats Typical Laminate Properties* Property

Average Value Test Method Tensile Strength (MPa) 126 GB/T1447-1983

Flexural Strength (MPa) 284 GB/T1447-1983

Tensile Modulus (GPa) 10.4 GB/T1447-1983

Flexural Modulus (GPa) 11.9 GB/T1447-1983

Elongation (%) 1.6 GB/T1447-1983


E-glass Chopped Strand Mats are composed of chopped glass fiber strands that are bonded together into mats with a highly soluble polyester powder. Chopped strand mats are used primarily for hand lay-up in fibreglass laminate.


Woven Roving 18oz

W1-A E-glass Woven Rovings are composed of direct rovings woven into a fabric. The input rovings are designed to give rapid wet-out and excellent laminate properties. The construction gives bi-directional (0°/90°) reinforcement and the strength of continuous filaments. The type of construction confers to the fabric an excellent dimensional stability during handling.

General Condition

Resin and Gel coat material is sold in pails and gal cans.

Fabrics are packaged in rolls.

Application/Intended Use

Fiberdeck fiberglass coating system is designed to waterproof flat or slanted roofs using Fiberdeck Fiberglass materials.  The system can be for just waterproofing with limited human traffic , or daily usable deck space that is walked on daily.   Commercially for roof top patios that will experience daily  human traffic.

Fiberdeck fibreglass material is applied over plywood. 

Safety Requirements/ Storage Requirements

Keep all flammable material away from any sparks, flames or ignition sources.

Store material out away from direct sunlight.

Have fire extinguishers on job site.

Post no smoking signs

Handling Requirements

Observe all  worker safety that is required by the labour code.

Basic Preparation Requirements.

Sand the wooden surface that the material will be applied too.

Level all but joints to form a smooth transition from sheet to sheet.

Sweep or vacuum all loose debris and dust.


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Shelf Life

Fiberdeck resin has a shelf life or 6 to 9 months in unopened containers.

Fiberdeck Fiberglas material shelf life is 3 years, store in a dry location.


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