Fibredeck Calculator

This calculator will automatically update the fields based on the input that you provide.

  • Select which unit of measurement you would like to use, Feet is the default.
  • Enter the square feet for the surface you are working with.
  • Alternatively you could enter the Length and Width, and the area will be calculated.
  • Then enter the desired layers for each of the materials you will be using.
  • To restart, use the "clear" button.

*note: these numbers are estimates

Step 01:

Choose the unit of measurement you would like to use:
Feet Inches Meters Centimeters

Step 02:

Enter the number of square feet:  ft²
Enter the length and width:
Length:  ft
Width:  ft

Step 03:

Total square feet: --- ft²

Specify Materials:

Material Layers Thickness Weight Length
Fiberglass Mat 1.0 oz
Fiberglass Mat 1.5 oz
Fiberglass Roving 18 oz
Polyester Resin --- --- ---
Totals: ---
0.000 mm
0.00 KG
0.00 yds

How much resin or gelcoat  do I need?

20 liter of resin = 21 KG

45 gal drum = 215kg

3.78 lt. of resin  is 4.0kg

3.78 lt of gel coat is 5 kg.

I yd or material at 50" wide = 12.5 sq ft.

All numbers are approximate.

Shipping Chemicals and  Wide Fabric Make it impossible to Calculate Shipping Costs in Advance.

Your trust is important so we only charge what it cost us.

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