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1. What is the size of your Deck area being covered.

2. What type of use will it receive?

3. Just waterproofed

4. Living Area: Used daily?


If you are new to fibreglass laminating may we suggest your first take a look at the Rayplex Learning the Basics of Fiberglass Video.


We discovered some great videos from a wonderful and very knowledgeable fiberglass roof expert in Europe on How To DIY fiberglass roofing in a 5 part series. We wish to thank Kel at  for his wonderful technical expertise and permission.

Part #1   Preparing your deck 

Part #2  Trim and Flashing Installation 

Par #3 Fibreglass Roof Bandages - Laminate Trims & Joins 

Part #4 Fibreglass Roof Laminate - Laying a GRP roof

Part #5 Fibreglass RoofingTopcoat - GRP Flat roof colour

Take a look at a roofing Guide from across the pond from


Roofing Application Guide

A quick guide covering all aspects of GRP flat roofing. Covered topics include trim fitting, deck laying, fibreglass layup and topcoating. Also helpful troubleshooting guides and mixing tables. (4mb)

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