Carbon Fibre Twill

The most commonly used weave pattern for carbon fibre is '2/2 Twill'. In this pattern the weft goes over two intersecting warps and then under two (hence 2/2) to create a woven fabric with a predominantly diagonal pattern to it.

Features include:

  • Flexible and will conform to almost any shape such as dash-boards, radio face plates, guitars and more.
  • Cuts easily with scissors or a razor blade.
  • Extra softness and drape-ability.
  • Higher mechanical strength.

This 2x2 twill weave fabric offers the cosmetic appearance that is so desirable on modern composite parts, but don't just use it for looks...

This weave pattern is looser than Plain Weave allowing the fabric to drape more easily which is especially useful when laminating into mold surfaces with compound curves and contours. The loose pattern of the weave means that it must be handled more carefully then the plain weave so that accidental distortion to the weave (relevant where cosmetic appearance is important) is more likely.

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Carbon Fiber Twill
1YD Carbon Fibre Twill 50" wide 6 oz

Carbon Fiber Twill
3YD Carbon Fibre Twill 50" wide 6 oz
Average rating:
3YD Carbon Fibre Twill 50" wide 6 oz

Carbon Fiber Twill
6YD Carbon Fibre Twill 50" wide 6 oz

Carbon Fiber Twill
10YD Carbon Fibre Twill 50" wide 6 oz

Carbon Fiber Twill
6oz Carbon Fibre Twill Roll


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