Features include:

  • Chemically enhanced, pre-coated end grain balsa for composite construction and repair of hulls, decks and superstructures.
  • Compatible with polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resins and glass, Kevlar or Carbon Fibers.
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio, impact and fatigue resistant.
  • Used as a sustainable, lightweight core material in various sandwich structures it allows the construction of lightweight yet sturdy composites.
  • Excellent flexural, bond and shear strengths.
  • Requires less resin to wet out than cellular foam cores.
  • Pre-wetting is not necessary.
  • Certified and approved for marine use.

The only core material that comes from natural and renewable resources, balsa offers many advantages in the manufacture of composite parts.

*Shipping rates will apply based on order*

Density 9.5 lbs.

Available in 2"x4" Sheets in the following sizes:

24" x 48" Sheet Balsa Core
Thickness Item# Price ORDER
1/4" 48305 $40.16
 3/8" 48310 $47.30
 1/2" 48318 $52.59
 3/4" 48323  $63.60
1" 48340 $85.67

Balsa Core has a honeycomb-like cell structure that’s configured into end-grain panels that can provide optimal properties including high compressive, flexural and shear strength along with stiffness. Balsa is a cost effective, natural material that is produced in a variety of densities that can be tailored to specific applications. It is widely used in the production of boats, wind turbine blades, transportation and structural composite panels.

Available in 2' x 4' sheets of individual small blocks which are bonded to a light scrim fabric that holds the blocks together while laminating. Sheets of this core will conform to practically any simple curve and most gradual compound curves.

Volume Pricing Available Call for a QUOTATION: See below for available quantities.

Volume Pricing Available Call for a QUOTATION 

1/4" BALSA WOOD 2' X 4' SHEET 264 33 48308  
3/8" BALSA WOOD 2' X 4' SHEET 264 33 48315  
1/2" BALSA WOOD 2' X 4' SHEET 200 25 48325  
3/4" BALSA WOOD 2' X 4' SHEET 136 17 48335  
1" BALSA WOOD 2' X 4' SHEET 104 13 48345  

Shipping Chemicals and  Wide Fabric Make it impossible to Calculate Shipping Costs in Advance.

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