FIBERGLASS RESIN  Professional quality, premium production grade, general purpose orthothalic laminating resin. The resin has thixotropic agent added which prevents drainage on vertical surfaces. This resin does not contain any DCP resins. It is air-inhibited (stays tacky) to create good adhesion without sanding between coats. Contains no wax for best adhesion between layers of fiberglass laminate thereby eliminating the need to sand between layers. Medium viscosity with a 20 to 30 minute pot-life at 1.25% MEKP catalyzation. Polyester Resin can be used for general part fabrication, building or low cost fibreglass moulds, the repair of automotive fenders, snowmobile hoods, boats, canoes and sail boats. It is used in laminating parts and has excellent wet out properties allowing air bubbles to be easily removed. Use with fibreglass mat, woven roving, cloth, kevlar and carbon fibre. Use MEKP Catalyst also generically know as HARDENER which is available. CATALYST INCLUDED

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