Mixing Container 32 OZ

Mixing Container 32 OZ

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Mix 2-part Resins by Ratio in Same Container

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1 Qt (32oz) Mix & Measure Plastic Cup

Features include:

  • Containers are resin and chemical safe
  • Containers have flat bottoms for easy mixing
  • Graduations are provided in both ounce and metric measurements right on the container
  • Measurements go up to 28oz or 800ml
  • Various ratio’s available right on the container
  • Containers are solvent-resistant and can be used with paints, pastes and adhesives
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Transparent so you can see liquids
  • Especially helpful for mixing epoxy resin and polyurethane foam

Graduations display volumetric ratios for all kinds of mixes but are especially helpful for mixing epoxy resin and polyurethane foam. Pour in epoxy, then add hardener right on top. Keep several containers on hand when mixing foam: pour each part into its own container, then mix as needed. In addition to the various mix ratios, the 16- and 24-ounce cups are graduated in millilitres and ounces. The 2-1⁄2-quart pitcher is graduated in quarts, ounces, litres, and millilitres.

How to Use

Mix’n Measure Instructions: 1. Find a ratio you’ll need for the product you’re using (3:1:1, 4:1:1, 8:1:1 etc) 2. Decide how much you need to mix. Use the oz and ml on the side to help determine which number to follow. Visually trace it around to the mixing ratio chart you need. Example: if you need little mixture follow the #1’s in each column. If you need to mix more follow the larger number in each column. 3. Let’s say we are using the #4’s. In the first column pour to the first #4 mark, the second ingredient you will fill to the middle #4, third ingredient goes to the third column #4 mark on the scale. If the mixture is only two parts 3:1, use the scale that says 3:1:1 the last number doesn’t matter when mixing only two parts. If the cup doesn’t have the right ratio on the side, you will have to use the simple Oz’s or mL on the side. Remember “parts” are simply equal parts. Example: 4:2:1 = 4 parts to 2 parts to 1 part = a 7part mixture 8:1:1 = 8 parts of water to 1part solution and another 1part solution = 10 parts (8+1+1)
Made of resin and chemical safe plastic

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Just as ordered 05/05/2020
By Rob Evans
The mixing tubs were exactly as ordered and arrived quickly.

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