Oasis Moisture Meter

Oasis Moisture Meter

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A pinless Marine Meter designed for assessing and investigating moisture contained within fiberglass and wooden structures


SKU 13012

A pinless Marine Meter designed for assessing and investigating moisture contained within fiberglass and wooden structures.

Measures electronically to 1" depth.

Pinless models are popular for marine surveys, appraisal, damage inspection and restoration as they offer a non-destructive assessment of moisture content.

Get early warning of "Osmosis" before visible gel coat blistering.

Reveal susceptibility to rot of interior wooden cabin fittings. Monitor hull dryness for repairs, dehumidification and painting.

Use one meter for all fiberglass-composite and wood applications.

Advanced electromagnetic sensing gives objective assessment of moisture content. Uses a 9V battery as it's long lasting power source.

Reliable and affordable. Simply move the sensor form spot to spot to reveal abnormal areas which may require more detailed inspection.

May be used to examine woodwork, such as shipwright carpentry without damage, to reveal the likelihood of rot.

Because the meter readily detects water well below the surface of wood or fiberglass, even qualitative readings offer great value in locating moisture, hidden water pockets, and leaks.

Should an accidental drop happen the mater can be repaired.


Customer Comments 
Saved me 2 bad investments
The unit was exactly what I wanted.
Don't need to have a survey to show a boat wet.
Fiberglass core damp areas are well documented with this tool.
A  useful tool for a boat builder or repair field.
Reliably identified wet spots in balsa core,
Loaned it to other boat owners and they rely on it too.

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Saved thousands of $ 08/24/2020
By Beans N Frank
Very easy to use and a self explanatory moisture scale. I saved much time and money while boat shopping by running the meter over the deck of a potential boat to expose the level of moisture absorption in the deck laminate coring. There was no need to wait and pay a surveyor to do the inspection and find out later (sometimes weeks) that there was a problem. I just kept on looking with my meter till I found a dry boat that I liked. So easy!
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