G100-6 Gelcoat Spray Gun

G100-6 Gelcoat Spray Gun

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This professional grade sprayer is a must for every fibreglass, composite shop.

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This professional grade sprayer is a must for every fiberglass, composite and cultured marble shop.

This gun is used for spraying not only gelcoat and resins, but other materials such as parting films, spray gypsum, tooling gelcoats, sand able primers, granite enhanced gelcoats, adhesives and paints.

With our largest nozzle, it will even sand blast.

The easy to clean design means clean up times less than five minutes.

Wipe the lid and nozzle, through away the cup, and you're ready to go again. We have also designed the gun to work with standard paper cups.

The gun sprays faster thean conventional HVLP guns and will clean up in a few minutes.

Your gun will come with 1 heavy duty plastic cup which will withstand acetone and keytones, and 1 paper cup. Additional Paper Cups

Maufactured by ES Manufacturing INC

This model 100 is supplies with a nozzle cleaning brush (G300-FN-BRUSH), MIL gauge cast aluminium lid (G300-010-3), and a 3/16" (4.8mm) (G300-FN600) nozzle. Additional Nozzles Sizes

Comes with a  general purpose nozzle and other sizes may be purchased for better results for your particular application.

****If you wish to spray Gelcoat use Spray Gelcoat for best results.

Nozzle suggestions:
Parting films – FN-1, FN-2. 
Paints – FN – 3. 
Resins – FN – 4. 
Gelcoats – FN – 5, FN – 6.
Gelcoats with flake – FN – 7, FN – 8. 
Sand blasting – FN – 9. 

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    • It will dissolve and remove epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resin from tools, brushes, and surfaces and will effectively remove grease and wax including ink and contact cement coating.
    • Can be used to clean fiberglass boats and will clean smooth metals and precision instruments.
    • Will remove most adhesives with ease including superglue.
    • Used as a household solvent (nail polish remover).
    • Rapidly lifts most paints and can also be used as paint thinner.
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    It is a powerful solvent used in the composite industry as the standard for cleaning and degreasing. It is 100% virgin solvent or pure technical grade solvent. Acetone is highly flammable and will evaporate rapidly. It should be handled much like gasoline. When not in use, keep containers tightly sealed at all times to help reduce spills, evaporation and contamination.




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