Features include:

  • It will dissolve and remove epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resin from tools, brushes, and surfaces and will effectively remove grease and wax including ink and contact cement coating.
  • Can be used to clean fiberglass boats and will clean smooth metals and precision instruments.
  • Will remove most adhesives with ease including superglue.
  • Used as a household solvent (nail polish remover).
  • Rapidly lifts most paints and can also be used as paint thinner.

It is a powerful solvent used in the composite industry as the standard for cleaning and degreasing. It is 100% virgin solvent or pure technical grade solvent. Acetone is highly flammable and will evaporate rapidly. It should be handled much like gasoline. When not in use, keep containers tightly sealed at all times to help reduce spills, evaporation and contamination.