8oz Mix & Measure Plastic Cup

Features include:


  • Containers are resin and chemical safe
  • Containers have flat bottoms for easy mixing
  • Graduations are provided in both ounce and metric measurements right on the container
  • Measurements go up to 7oz or 200ml
  • Various ratio’s available on the container
  • Containers are solvent-resistant and can be used with paints, pastes and adhesives
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Transparent so you can see liquids
  • Especially helpful for mixing epoxy resin and polyurethane foam

Graduations display volumetric ratios for all kinds of mixes but are especially helpful for mixing epoxy resin and polyurethane foam. Pour in epoxy, then add hardener right on top. Keep several containers on hand when mixing foam: pour each part into its own container, then mix as needed. In addition to the various mix ratios, the 16- and 24-ounce cups are graduated in millilitres and ounces. The 2-1⁄2-quart pitcher is graduated in quarts, ounces, litres, and millilitres.

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