Dolphin Moisture Meter with Sound.

"Dolphin" Fiberglass/Wood Moisture Meter with audible indication of moisture level. Versatile, accurate,

and easy to read with large analog meter scale. Senses to one inch depth. The manual includes a chart

for converting the 0-30% readings into moisture % for fibreglass Calibrated for standard wood density

of 0.5, with detailed calibration charts provided for wood densities 0.2 to 1.0 (includes virtually all

exotic hardwoods). A list of wood densities is provided for 200 species. Qualitative readings on fibreglass,

drywall, paper, cardboard...Low battery warning light. Used by Marine Surveyers. If you are looking to

buy a used boat, use this tool to check for dry rot in transoms, floors or stringers. Comes with built in

speaker and head phone jack, calabration plate, owners manuel and battery. 1 year warranty

click here for a video demonstration

Reveal susceptibility to rot of interior wooden cabin fittings

Monitor hull dryness for repairs, dehumidification and painting.

Use one meter for all fiberglass-composite and wood applications.

Advanced electromagnetic sensing gives objective assessment of moisture content.

Get early warning of "Osmosis" before visible gel coat blistering


Simply move the sensor form spot to spot to reveal abnormal areas which may require more detailed inspection.

May be used to examine woodwork, such as shipwright carpentry without damage, to reveal the likelihood of rot.

Because the meter readily detects water well below the surface of wood or fiberglass, even qualitative readings

offer great value in locating moisture, hidden water pockets, and leaks.

Dolphin Moisture Meter with Sound.