Carbon Fibre Plain Weave

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and stiffest reinforcements available. In addition to high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight rations, carbon fibers are thermally and electrically conductive, have low thermal expansion coefficients and have excellent fatigue resistance. The impact resistance of carbon fiber laminates, however, is less than most other composite materials. It is compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl-ester resins. This plain weave carbon fiber is the most commonly used type for lightweight aerodynamic parts. Only three layers are typically necessary to produce non-structural pieces. It wets out quickly and handles easily.

Plain weave fabric is the second most widely used of the woven carbon fabrics. In this weave the weft goes over one warp and under the next, creating a grid-like pattern. Plain weave is a slightly tighter weave pattern that 2/2 twill and therefore easier to handle without distorting, however it is not as drape-able as 2/2 twill and therefore it is not the first choice for compound contours.

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