Honey Wax Hydro speed

Honey Wax Hydro Speed, a water-based mould release that is non-flammable and non-hazardous.

This hi-solids product eliminates the need to continually re-saturate an applicator with traditional paste waxes

Which will save composites moulders time, while the water carrier evaporates in 30-60 seconds even at low ambient temperatures?

Removal of the product has also been made easier. Since Honey Wax HydroSpeed is a water-based product, it applies to a much lighter, thinner film.

“In field tests, we have seen up to a 50% time savings over paste waxes,”

Honey Wax Hydro Speed requires significantly less effort to buff after drying, and the marine industry loves the fact that pinstriping tapes easily stick to the newly coated mould.”

Honey Wax HydroSpeed is available in a 16 oz squeeze bottle. No mould preparation is required to test, use, or switch and since Honey Wax HydroSpeed is water-based




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