Rayplex Acetone is a very powerful solvent which will (1) clean fiberglass boats; (2) act as a solvent for epoxy and polyester resin to clean tools and equipment; (3) remove most old adhesives and (4) dissolve most plastics such as polystyrene, saran, polyesters, cellulose acetates, ABS. It will not affect most nylons or polyvinyl chlorides. Will clean smooth metals, precision instruments and fiberglass brushes. Rapidly lift most paints.

Used as a Household Solvent and Paint Thinner
A special-purpose thinner and remover for fiberglass, polyester, epoxy resins, adhesives, ink and contact cement coating
Can be used as Nail Polish Remover
Cleanup Solvent for Polyester Resins, Epoxy, and Superglue
Used as a Heavy-duty Degreaser prior to Painting of Metal Surfaces
Use as a cleanup solvent after fiberglass projects
100% Virgin solvent
Acetone pure technical grade solvent

Acetone 4L ACETONE 1L

Rayplex Acetone is available in 1 litre for those smaller jobs, less waste.

Acetone 3.78L ACETONE 3.78L

Rayplex Acetone 4 litre can.

Acetone 20L ACETONE 20L
60030 ACETONE 20L
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Most economical way to purchase. Easy to pour pail with pop up pour top.


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